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Queensland's sex work laws aren't working.

Sex workers, just like all workers have a right to a safe and respectful workplace.

Our current laws criminalise 90% of sex workers and push their work into the shadows.

We deny sex workers the very same rights that protect other workers, including work health and safety laws.

Police waste considerable resources trying to stamp out sex work - resources that could be better spent on tackling real crime.

We can make sex work safer by:

  • Genuinely decriminalising sex work by ending licensing.
  • Remove sex work from the Criminal Code.
  • Recognising sex work as normal work and giving sex workers equal rights at work.
  • Allowing sex workers the autonomy and power to choose how they work safely.
  • Supporting industry led work health and safety guidelines to keep sex workers safe.

Can you add your name to our campaign to fully decriminalise sex work?

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