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Can you email the Mater CEO?

    Can you support striking Mater Hospital workers, by emailing Mater CEO Dr Steer?

    Building, engineering and maintenance workers at the Mater Hospital have been forced to take rolling industrial action for months to fight to achieve pay parity with those doing the same job at public hospitals.

    These workers are the heroes of the pandemic and it's a disgrace that Dr Steer, Mater CEO has cancelled any negotiations on an EBA for another eight months.

    Mater Workers are fighting for:

    • Future pay rises to achieve parity with those doing the same jobs in public hospitals.

    • A new classification structure that properly recognises, skills and relativities for all trade workers.

    • An end to unfair rostering changes which allow Mater to wreak havoc on rosters with no consultation (including weekends) with seven days notice.