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How do we Bargain for Equity in 2023?

When: 6 PM (Brisbane time) 1st December 2022
Where: Zoom
Cost: Free

Join us to discuss how we Bargain for Equity in 2023

It’s a grim fact that in Australia women are more likely to be in insecure work, earn less than men and retire with less income.

All while doing the lion’s share of unpaid care in a family setting, which can mean putting your career on hold too.

We need to Bargain for Equity to level out the playing field.

Our special webinar will cover:

  • The need for supportive workplaces that provide flexibility when workers are juggling home life and work life.

  • How women are more likely to be subjected to sexual, sex or gender-based harassment and treated less favourably, such as being overlooked for promotion because of unconscious bias. 

  • How we can use upcoming changes to the Fair Work Act in bargaining including the abolition of pay secrecy clauses and other changes that addresss the gender pay gap.

Our panel will be hosted by Jacqueline King


Jacqueline King

Jacqueline King is the QCU Assistant General Secretary and has been leading the reform agenda in Queensland around gender equity initiatives such as pay equity and sexual harassment reform.

You'll hear from the following union leaders:

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith is currently Aged Care Director with United Workers Union and has been responsible for the national “Time For Change” aged care campaign which – alongside with other Union’s campaigns- highlighted the broken aged care system and the need to lift staffing and wages as part of the fix.

Prior to this role she was WA Secretary of the predecessor Union, United Voice and led campaigns in a range of industries, including public hospitals and schools (which saw privatised support services be returned into public hands), the casino and disabilities. Prior to working full time in the Union movement she was a shop steward for the AMWU working for the State Energy Commission as a tradeswoman.

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Vonnie Semple

Vonnie Semple has been involved in the union movement for over thirty-five years. Vonnie represented the LHMU in the Queensland Pay Equity Inquiry and secured pay rises of up to 40% for Dental Assistants in a successful Gender Pay Equity Case in 2003.  

More recently Vonnie has led the latest Enterprise Bargaining industrial strategy for the QNMU in Queensland Health, securing a number of provisions to reduce the gender pay gap for members.

Kerryn Loose-Jones

Kerryn is a wharfie at Hutchison Ports in Brisbane. She was elected to be the representative for women and casuals on the negotiation committee for the last agreement. Negotiations took 3 years and several rounds of Protected Industrial Action.

On the wharf she has recently be trained in Team Leader roles. This means she is responsible for her team which is often all men. She is also currently learning to become a tower clerk. This is as a direct result of selection criteria for training developed during the last round of negotiations with Hutchison Ports.

Kerryn has previously worked at the LHMU as a Lead Organiser and has been a political candidate.